Sanctuary Somatics

We Art Change. Move. Be Still. Breathe. Act. Now.

The word “Somatic” refers to the body/mind whole which cannot be separated into parts. 

The Somatic Arts are complimentary practices that involve working with/in the human body/mind. We believe that the purpose of engaging in somatic practices is to improve the quality of one’s own life, to promote well-being …to heal …to be happy …to be at ease with all that is …as it is. It is our duty to remember the goodness of embodiment and we believe that the somatic arts are a way towards this aim.

The results of somatic action include: increased physical strength, agility, and balance, the blessing of increased mental clarity, flexibility, as well as a power to consciously command one’s own breath in service of one’s own aims. These results are not easy to obtain, however, with daily practice, one will see the results and experience their benefits across all aspect of one’s life.

Sanctuary Somatics is established as a place where independent teachers from any or no spiritual lineage may offer complimentary teachings in practices that involve working with/in the realm of the body/mind. In our way of thinking…. this includes any and all somatic practices, including but not limited to Yoga, Martial Arts, Dance, Meditation, Shamanics, Contemplative Prayer, and all forms of esoteric self-study that encourages the development of awareness within the Body/Mind. We believe that the efforts we make in the outer life have real effect on the nature of qualities of the inner life. We also believe that our inner practices have a beneficial effect in your outer lives.

Sanctuary Somatics supports practitioners and teachers by providing access to a space, a place, and a non-judgmental community where in one may explore somatic activities that are conducive to developing one’s unique human be-ing in a whole way.

Please consider making the time to come and train at the Sanctuary. The teachers at Sanctuary Somatics are here to help you realize your visions and assist you in the development of a personal practice. We believe that the treasures that we recover, uncover, and discover in our somatic practices are essential to the fulfillment of our inner urges to give a way for the goodness of ourselves to flow into the service and care for this world in which we dwell. We believe that each of us is a gift to this world and that with a little practice we may become strong enough to carry ours gifts forward into our community and that we may become flexible enough to withstand all disturbances that arises along our way.