Sanctuary Somatics provides facilities for teachers to offer instruction in various somatic practices and spiritual traditions. We have a wide variety of wonderful teachers who operate here, and each teacher is an independent operator. If you have any questions regarding their classes please contact the teacher directly.

Rachael Cornelison

Email: Rachael.Cornelison11@gmail.com
Instagram: @Evolution_Eleven11

Rachael Cornelison graduated from State University of New York- Albany with a Bachelor of Science with an emphasis in Kinesiology. She received her Certification as a Nutrition Health Coach and Certified Life Coach through The Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She is also a Certified Personal Trainer through The National Academy of Sports Medicine. Rachael established Evolution Eleven her Personal Training and Nutrition Counseling business in 2015; in that time, her commitment to clients and health through nutrition flourished. As a Nutrition Health Coach for Natural Grocers, she is committed to continue educating nutrition health and lifestyle betterment. In her business with Evolution Eleven she is committed to providing a positive environment for her clients of endurance, agility, and flow. She enjoys spending time with her children, Pilates, power yoga, strength training, meditation, or enjoying the great outdoors.

Jessica Noll

Email: FlowingWithGratitude@gmail.com
Facebook: Jessica Noll
Instagram: @FlowingWithGratitude

Jessica is a 200 hour certified yoga teacher, and 95 hour certified children’s yoga teacher from Phx, AZ. She is trained in making yoga and mindfulness inclusive and accessible to individuals of diverse abilities and backgrounds. She started practicing yoga in 2016 in order to help with shoulder pain after a car accident, but instead found it transformed her whole life by creating a space to access peace and better understand her body. Jessica believes yoga is much more than the physical practice, and therefore her classes focus on breath awareness and connection of the mind, body, and soul.

Heidi C Magnus

Email: MissHeidi993@gmail.com
Facebook: Heidi Magnus
Instagram: @HMagnus11

Heidi Magnus has practiced qigong and meditation for many years. She has guided meditation since 2016 and qigong since 2017. Heidi’s first career was as an environmental scientist and she still enjoys applying the scientific method and observation skills to all aspects of life. Heidi enjoys making connections between ancient wisdoms, like Qigong, and current research in neuroscience, psychology, and wellbeing. For 28 years, Heidi owned a deli with her sister Kate and qigong helped her to thrive in a busy work environment. Qigong is a vital part of her self-care and she enjoys sharing the tools she has learned for navigating life and its ever-changing challenges. Heidi is currently offering classes in Gunnison. These classes are for beginners or advanced students who want to practice in a fun and casual community atmosphere.

Christian Mayfield

Email: Chris.Mayfield.Yoga@gmail.com
Facebook: Chris Mayfield
Instagram: @ChrisJamesMay

Chris is a Gunnison Native with a degree in English and Political Philosophy from Western State. He works as a plumber here in town and loves riding bikes, eating ramen, and Brazilian Ju-jit-su. For Chris, a yoga practice helps restore and revitalize the mind-body to continually do the things we love and serve others. 

Emily Montesinos

Email: EmilyMontesinos@gmail.com
Facebook: Emily Montesinos
Instagram: @WyldBeing

Emily is an avid movement enthusiast and welcomes the creative exploration of self through acro yoga and ecstatic dance. 

Ignite your sense of play, self love, and connection through one of these offerings.

Meegan Haley

Email: MeeganHaley@gmail.com

While she was born and raised in upstate NY, Meegan considers Colorado home. She has lived in CO for 22 years, the last 10 in the Gunnison Valley. Her yoga journey started in 2001 when she was introduced to the Bikram hot yoga series. Over the years, her practice expanded to include Power Yoga, Ashtanga, Restorative and Iyengar yoga. In 2009, she moved to Denver for a 9-week 200-hour teacher certification in the Bikram-style yoga series. When she returned home, she started teaching in Crested Butte and in Gunnison. She soon realized that her full-time teaching job in the schools and teaching yoga in the evening proved to be too much. Her yoga career was put on hold. In the summer of 2013, she taught the Bikram series once again at Yoga CB in Crested Butte. Over the course of the 2013/­2014 year, she yearned for a deeper understanding of Yoga and what it means to live as a Yogi. In May 2014, she embarked on a life-changing journey to Mysore, India where she lived in an Ashram for 5 weeks, training for a second 200-hour certification in Traditional Hatha Yoga. She is humbled and honored to bring Hatha Yoga to the Gunnison Valley. She looks forward to sharing the wisdom and practice bestowed upon her. To breathe, relax and have awareness of the body is the true experience of yoga.

Jess Ferenc

Email: GentleYogiJess@gmail.com
Instagram: @GentleYogiJess

Jess is 200HR CYT with an additional 60HR Yin Yoga training. She began her yoga journey at 17, after struggling with depression as a teenager. After finding yoga and falling in love with the serenity, she has been able to embrace and honor her body, mind, and spirit by learning more about the practice of yoga, meditation, Ayurveda, and metaphysics.

Susan Wyman

Email: Sue.Wyman@GunnisonGardens.com

Sue Wyman is dedicated to cultivating consciousness.  As an organic farmer (raising vegetables) and a KRI-certified Level 1 Kundalini Yoga instructor (raising consciousness), she follows her path end encourages others to find theirs.   She is a member of the IKYTA, and remotely attends the Sat Yoga Wisdom School.  Her long career as an earth scientist and civil engineer gives her a unique perspective on the physical and energetic realms of human existence.   She looks forward to sharing the transformative technology of Kundalini Yoga with all who resonate with this path.  Let’s vibrate at a higher frequency – together!