513 South Main Street, Gunnison, Colorado, The Sanctuary Somatics is part of South Main Gunnison, a thriving ecosystem of businesses and creatives who are woven together through a network of collaborative, innovative, and mutually beneficial relationships where the common mission involves facilitating cultural activities that contribute to the inner and outer lives of ourselves and our neighbors.

Sanctuary Somatics is a place that is open to all who wish to cultivate greater stillness and presence. It is a place to train the skills of concentration, clarity, and equanimity…..a place to practice the arts of movement and stillness…..a place to gather….to be together in peace.

Sanctuary Somatics / South Main Gunnison is a 5 minute walk from downtown Gunnison, a 10 minute walk to Western State Colorado University, and a 15 minute walk to the end of the road and onto open trails.